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"Tale of the Two Cherubims"

"The Ruler is Coming" 


Long ago, the Cherubim of the West were sent to the world with a promise: to fulfill the Word of God. The Cherubim of the East stood in his way, claiming by the might of his power, that he would stop the Cherubim of the West. The Cherubim of the West accepted his challenge, knowing he will conquer in the day of love. ‘I will allow for you to enter my vessel; I will allow for you to destroy my flesh, knowing in the day of love I will be resurrected by my Father. His glory shall be shined upon me, and my spirit shall be restored to its perfection. And you O’ Satan will witness my flaming sword’. The Cherubim of the East then entered into his temple, and brought alongside with him, all of those who have opposed God. ‘You O’ who love God with all your heart, am willing to die to fulfill his will, not knowing the might of the storm which has approached you. Witness the wrath of my flaming sword’. The Cherubim of the West was slain, he was attacked by the enemy, and Satan the adversary took away his power and might. His grace had been taken away from him, leaving him weak and defenseless. He had become the trash of the world, and people all over the earth treaded on his head. He prayed to God every day that God may restore his power, but he was left broken in bondage with sin. The enemy had been victorious over him, leaving him captive in the depths of hell, punishing him with the snares of evil and deception. The earth cried out to the Cherubim of the West. ‘We need you, please, remember what you were worth, when glory shined upon you, and no man dared to place foot upon your temple. For you were fearless from the day you were created, and evil would perish at the sight of your presence.’ Heaven cried out to the Cherubim of the West. ‘Do you not remember who you were? Do you not remember your key post? Do you not remember your God…?’ The Cherubim of the West heard the cries, but he could not reply, as he had been slain. ‘My God, please, if I am truly yours, strengthen me one last time, so I may be victorious over the enemy.’ God was silent. The Cherubim of the East then gathered the entire world in unity against him, setting traps and slaying him in every direction. The Cherubim of the West had been slain. He appeared on the brink of destruction, and on his very last breath.

‘O God, the enemy has taken away my life. I am left with no strength. I am left with no breath. I am held captive in a cell surrounded by scorching fire, seeking to devour me in every direction.’ The Cherubim of the East rejoiced with his people, sounding the horn of war that he had been victorious. ‘I have entered your temple, and have devoured it by the pits of smoke, and I have taken away everything you loved.’ The enemy then raised their flag, shouting to the universe, ‘We have been victorious over the Cherubim of the West.’ Suddenly, the dark mist overshadowing the world is immediately removed, and an arrow of light was shot, piercing through the flag of the Cherubim of the East. The flag of the Devil caught on fire by a blue flame, and extreme anger was then felt, coming forth from Satan’s heart. ‘What is this? What is this force that opposes us? What is then seen coming from the distance, is a warship with Two Supreme Beings and one lesser being. The Cherubim of the West finally stood up, after having been slain for many years. ‘I have allowed for you to enter my temple, I have allowed for you to take me hostage, I have allowed for you to hold my soul captive. I have allowed for you to slay me, I have allowed for you to take away my power, I have allowed for you to take away my glory. But just when you thought you had it all, when you thought that the day of victory had come for you, behold, you were never victorious over me in the first place. For I have allowed for you to do these things, so that you may use all your power to destroy me, and know, that your power had been useless. You had the entire force of evil beneath your belt, but you’re darkness had no rule over me. For my great suffering has been a witness to my greatest glory. You attempted to destroy me, but I lived. You attempted to separate me from the world, but I united the world. You attempted to separate me from God, but I drew closer. Your snares of evil slew me, but I have grown fond of it, as it taught me the art of deception which I will use against you as I am the truth. Just when you thought I was on my last breath, behold, I was on my first. Just when you thought I had died, behold, I have come to life. Just when you thought I had failed God, behold, my mission had just begun. For God has said, ‘You have suffered for long enough. Its time you fought back now.’

And so it came to pass, that the flaming sword of the Cherubim of the West is to be shown to the world. The forces of evil immediately retreated, as they no longer had power over him. The world was captivated by the beauty of the Cherubim of the West. The Anti-Christ Belial, the Devil Lucifer, and the so-called gods who followed them was left speechless and defenseless. Never before, had they witnessed such power coming forth from an iron rod, spoken from what had been the weakest thing in the world. For God has used the weakest thing in the world to shame the mighty. For God has transformed an ant into a titan. For God has freed his most powerful angel, conquering the force of the darkness. In the coming days of glory, Michael the archangel will once again, destroy Lucifer and all those who followed him. He shall cleanse the earth from all suffering. He shall feed the poverty of the world with riches. He shall heal the sick, and he shall be the truth of performing miracles. He shall annihilate all evil once and for all.  For this coming Prophet was created to be, ‘The Glory of God’. He is given the title as, ‘The Son of Jesus’. For thus saith the Lord, ‘I will raise up for them from the midst of their brothers a prophet like you (Moses), and I will put my words in his mouth, and he will speak to them all that I command him. Indeed, I will require an account from the man who will not listen to my words that he will speak in my name.’ Deuteronomy:18:18-19


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Author Notes

..This writing piece was written for the authority of Jesus to take place..

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