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Author: babyboomer68
Created: February 09, 2018 at 12:08 am
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Child of War  

Bombs blasting so near,
child of war covers her ears,
mother is gone no where to be seen,
broken window covered with sheet,
blocks the light but not the screams
of the dying next door,

Child is hungry and eats stale bread on floor,
a dirty cotton dress once pretty and bright,
hangs loosely upon her bony shoulders,
dark hair all matted begs to be washed ,
sleep overcomes as footsteps approach,
soldier lifts child.    

© babyboomer68 - all rights reserved

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February 10, 2018
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This keeps me thinking that war is mayhem and in some sense could never free itself looking for some sanity to find the chaos all over again this poem is deep and allows very many different approaches to a thought or a single perception.

Blossomwriter, war is mayhem.  Thank you for commenting and the applause.  ~ Sonia 

 babyboomer68 replied on February 10, 2018

February 09, 2018
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Incredibly powerful poem. The best one about war I have read on this site. But what happened at the end. Was the soldier a savior like Michael believes. Or was this an enemy soldier who killed her

Seriouspoet, your comment on my poem, 'Child of War' is gratefully appreciated.  The soldier who discovered the child was her savior.  Thank you for the five-star rating and enthusiastic applause.  Have a great weekend.  ~ Sonia 

 babyboomer68 replied on February 09, 2018

February 09, 2018
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At the end he lifts her and does not shoot her! A savior, a friend, a kind-hearted person. Brought tears to my old and tired eyes so thanks! I have written so many, so very many, poems supporting soldiers while denigrating war. Kudos to you for doing that in a poem of just two verses! Heartfelt, beautiful and got to love the end. A spotlight for sure!


Michael, you are correct, the soldier was her savior.  After I read the poem, I felt emotional also.  Wars affect all of us.  My husband is a Vietnam Veteran.  Thank you for your in-depth comment, all-star billing and for the spotlight.  I am humbled, Sonia.  

 babyboomer68 replied on February 09, 2018

Michael, I replied to your generous review a few minutes ago, posted it and it disappeared into thin air. This is the second reply.  You are correct that the child's savior is the soldier at the end.  Wars affect all of us.  Our military need to be lifted by supporting them as they face the dangers of war zones.  Thank you for your support.  ~ Sonia 

 babyboomer68 replied on February 09, 2018

Michael, you received a two-for-one reply!

 babyboomer68 replied on February 09, 2018

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