A Poem by michaelgallatin

Author: michaelgallatin
Created: February 12, 2018 at 12:34 pm
Upload Type: Poem, E (Explicit Language)  
Category: Weird | Adult | Fantasy
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A Second Life

What the fucka, I'm out of lucka, what will become of me?
For I've gone mad but I am glad as I chortle in my glee.

Holy shitty, bite a titty and I don't give a damn.
Please pass the mustard and the custard to put upon my ham.

And grab my bong for that combination's wrong yet do I really care?
Life is a joke so as I smoke it's neither here nor there.

I am abiding though I think it's hiding underneath my bed.
But with great woe now this I know that perhaps I have gone dead.

Yet I will not whine as a zombie fine in this great and crazy show.
I'll find the means to get to New Orleans to screw Marie Laveau.

Sure in my head I know she's dead but somehow she'll revive.
And though I'm also dead and bleeding red I feel so alive.

It's a second life and Marie's my wife for Satan I've beseeched.
Yet this is odd for I've come to God as my Heaven I have reached!

Michael "Ooo Marie!" Gallatin

© michaelgallatin - all rights reserved

Author Notes

I firmly believe that once in awhile you have to let those crazy thoughts out to play. And there they are my friends!

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