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Author: matelotrod
Created: March 08, 2018 at 08:46 am
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Sorry old Bird  

                                                  Sorry old Bird

We had experienced very awful weather, freezing cold and very wet
It played around with my brain causing terrible cases of "Forget"
I always make a point that my birds are always dutifully fed
Unfortunately the terrible weather caused me to lose my head.

I was relaxing in my heated home gazing out at my bird feeder
When I was startled by a Robin who appeared to be the leader
Behind him there were Blue-tits, Blackbirds and many Sparrows
The look of anger on the Robin's beak resembled pointed arrows

I realized I had failed the birds as I hadn't taken time to feed them
The way  they all stared at me convinced me that I had a problem
I quickly found them Peanuts some Bird seeds and chopped up fruit
But their feathered attitude towards me implied that I didn't give a hoot.

That was a few days ago and I  apologized for my muddled brain
I've made a vow to my feathered friends this will not happen again
They seem to have forgiven my crime and there will be no testing
They are all too busy to retaliate as they are now engaged in "nesting" 

Rod Broomham.  (c)






© matelotrod - all rights reserved

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March 14, 2018
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Feathers of Angels
Well done. This is a well written piece, with great choice of words and a perfect flow. By your wisdom and knowledge, have you created a short story with significant values. 'Always take care of your flock of birds, as when the enemy is to arrive, they cannot fight back on an empty stomach. The birds will always be loyal to their master, which is why they planned to retaliate on the birds of the night; as they were of the day.'

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March 11, 2018
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The Guilt Trip
Rod, I know exactly what you were going through when you couldn't feed your backyard feathered friends. They do have a way of making us feel guilty. Years ago, when Bob and I went camping in our Class C Camper along Anchor Point, Alaska, we were feeding ravens which gathered around the campground. By next morning we drove a couple of miles away and woke up to a pecking noise on top of our roof. Guess what? Those ravens followed us to the next campground, reminding us it was time to feed them again. ~ Sonia

I find such a great enjoyment from my Birds and when I go back to my childhood days I remember we, (kids) all had a catapult and it was perfectly OK to shoot any breed of Bird. If we could shoot a pigeon we were thanked by Mum because she could cook them. Time changes Sonia and now my little Buddies have become a very important part of my aging life.  Here in the UK we don't have many Ravens so I don't have to worry too much about roof-damage.  Take care     Rod.

 matelotrod replied on March 12, 2018

March 08, 2018
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You are...
a nicer and kinder man than I Sir and for that I salute you! I whistle to and talk to the birds around my home (including a pair of cardinals and a bluejay) but I rarely feed them. Once in awhile perhaps some leftover bread but that's about it. You posted this poem as humor but it also shows caring and a connection to the animals around you. A very nice poem written by a very nice person!


When i was a kid Mike I used a catapult to kill any bird that got in my way and also pigeons to give to Mum so that she could cook them. I believe that as I grew older and food was no longer a problem I began to be more kind and understanding to my feathered friends. I do over-react to anything that harms the little fellows but most of these things are perfectly normal in their world. Thanks for the kind words Mike.  Take care.   Rod.

 matelotrod replied on March 09, 2018

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