A Poem by Profanisaurus

Author: Profanisaurus
Created: March 12, 2018 at 10:34 pm
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617. Wanted  

Wanted a woman who really loves and cares

who won’t return my words with blank stares

someone who lives their life with passion

not interested in the latest fashion


One who wants to learn and understand

who is proud to take me by the hand

is able to laugh and match my humour

not one to listen to bullshit and rumour


One that is not just interested in sex

or the daily life of their ex

with the ability to relate to darkest fears

able to catch my falling tears


Stabling for your unicorn I will provide

as long as I am not just there for a ride

not obsessed with bikes or cars

but loving walks underneath the stars


Need someone to return my light

even during the darkest of nights

giving me a chance to heal

as long as they can make me feel



© Profanisaurus - all rights reserved

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March 14, 2018
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Something we all would love in our lives. Unfortunately today so many are selfish and self-centered. I hope you find that special person who will treat you right. Nicely done piece. SL

Thanks for your comment and the nomination.  I fear that it may never happen despite being told it is just a matter of time

 Profanisaurus replied on March 16, 2018

March 13, 2018
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Big request ..
..in this day and age my friend. The world is mainly full of vain self opinionated women. There are only a few 'real' ones left! Big search, my friend.

Thanks for your comment.  Am pretty sure it would be in vain

 Profanisaurus replied on March 16, 2018

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