A Poem by Tha_Darknight

Author: Tha_Darknight
Created: November 08, 2006 at 05:00 pm
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Me Against the World  

Me against the world,
They got me boxed in a corner,
Tryna dictate my mind,
Leave me to the coroner,
Throwing jabs, and uppercuts,
I’m tryna fight back,
With the ole 1, 2 but I’m stuck,
My focus is off track,
Got my guard up,
Bobbing left, bobbing right,
Now I’m on the ropes,
Keeping my head on tight,
“Throw in the towel”,
“He’s a bum”,
They screaming for my failure,
Telling me I’m done,
Then the big hit BOOM
I fall to the floor,
I can’t take no more,
Damn nigga, get up quick,
On my feet by 8,
The Ref ask, “You straight”
Nod my head,
I’m back in the game,
Got my second wind,
Things about to change,
Me against the world,
They had me in the corner
Tried to dictate my mind,
Now I’m sending them to the coroner,
Throwing lefts and throwing rights,
Uppercuts and jabs,
Victory in my sight,
Your guard not stopping my punches path,
“Don’t get in the corner”
“Hit’em back”
Now they on the ropes,
“Don’t hit the mat”
Got the ole’ 1, 2,
Then BOOM,
They on the floor,
You want some more,
Damn up at 8,
We at it again,
Me against the world,
I wonder who will win?

© Tha_Darknight - all rights reserved

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Comments & Reviews

February 16, 2007
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I love how u make this sound exciting. Its like a real match. U write really good

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November 09, 2006
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Real Talk.

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November 09, 2006
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you are a good visual writer and what I mean by that is I could picture every line in your poem and I was about like you I was wondering who was going to win keep up the good work

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