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Author: yeaytay
Created: March 08, 2007 at 07:56 pm
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No More Pain  

The flowers have died, the stars have cried.
The lights have dimmed, my heart has sinned.
If this was true love, then my heart lies broken.
And everything you said is written in a book of fiction.
Almost as if you could read my mind,
You gave me hope, and then pushed me to the side.
I will never look at you the same;
It will hurt to hear your name.

My broken heart is screaming in pain,
And all of your lies have made me insane.
It's hard to hold back the tears, and to conquer all of my fears.

The pain I've caused has backfired.
But now that itís a two-way street, I find that my heart can still beat.
And I can forgive myself for causing pain, I will refrain.
Forgetting you will be hard, you settled deeply in my heart.
I have to move on, but leaving takes so long.

I'm pulling myself back onto the ledge, but strained with a grudge.
And I can thank God for my blessing, because now I can start forgetting.
And I have begun learning, to be more careful of whom I'm trusting.

I learned so much because of you, and Iíll never regret the things that we would do.
But I do regret my feelings for you.
You helped me understand that things will always be moving, but now I stand here alone and mourning.

I feel unrestrained, but my heart is still untamed.
But it still doesn't matter, because I'm climbing up the ladder.
And I can forget you, as you have forgotten me.
Because though I've hurt you, you can rest knowing that you've hurt me.

Christina Marie Weir

© yeaytay - all rights reserved

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March 13, 2007
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I feel the words in this poem were very strong and i LIKED IT ALOT. I thpught the flow coul've been just a bit better, but all in all it was very good

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March 12, 2007
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Christina, Ive tried to talk to you but either youve been gone or I have. I wrote you a note and I finished the book on Wednesday. I really dont feel like writing the letter again so please just don't avoid me so I can at least give you that. I still want to be friends Christina, I never lied to you...

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March 09, 2007
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Well written, great form and flow.
A very profound piece, moving and thought provoking..
Keep nurturing your gift and all will be revealed ..
You have a lots of potential..

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March 09, 2007
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Well written, great form and flow.
A very profound piece, moving and thought provoking.
Keep up the excellent writing and nurture the gift bestowed upon you.

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