A Poem by LilLopez444

Author: LilLopez444
Created: November 08, 2007 at 01:31 am
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*+*+* Heart Break *+*+*  

Never have I felt a pain like this
Never again will I feel his kiss
Never again will he hold me close
Guess thatís just the way love goes.

So many tears have fallen since he went away,
I've lost my path now I'm astray.
Never before did I think itíd end,
I've lost my love and my best friend.

He took a part of me I can never replace,
This is the fate I must embrace.
A dagger of pain into my heart,
I cant imagine us apart.

His beauty, his love his perfect ways,
Are fading into an endless haze.
Emptiness and pain echo within me
My head and heart disagree.

Live a life without my love,
A nightmare I dare not dream of.
Passion once filled the air,
Not itís filled with despair.

I said forever and it was true,
So how will I live a life without you?
I fear for my very survival,
You are my cure, my revival.

My lungs stopped breathing, my heart stopped beating,
I run for life because death I'm cheating.
You are my moon my stars and sun,
Now my world has come undone.

© LilLopez444 - all rights reserved

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November 08, 2007
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I really liked it, i think that you put alot of emotion into this work.

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