A Poem by straybullet

Author: straybullet
Created: June 03, 2008 at 10:33 pm
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Category: Love | Dark | General/Other
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All this for You.  

Bright colors
play around,
inside his skull--
hallowed ground.

His soul speaks,
without a voice,
through his pain,
no real choice.

His heart is torn,
it hangs alone,
his chest ripped
open, to the bone.

His body reeks
of morbid pain-
eternal fire,
he seeks the rain

for his release
and freedom from
complete nothing,
a life made numb.

Clouds boil
in thunderous rage,
come to release him
from his cage.

But he begs
the storm
to leave him be--
restore norm,
so he can see
his life again,
free from clouds.

He calls it Love,
nothing else.

He chose his chain
and shackle too,
still full of pain,
nothing to do.

His heart still hangs,
his soul still screams,
his head still hurts,
and yet he dreams.

He wears a smile
through it all,
and his heart,
still hanging
from his chest,
still flutters

at the thought of her.

© straybullet - all rights reserved

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June 05, 2008
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this is so LOVE-ly
painful huh?

nice write!

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June 03, 2008
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toatally wonderful
bro this poem brought a tear to my eye because this poem feels like it was wrote to show the world how it pains this guy to think of this girl great write bro keep it up one of my favorites

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