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My Tainted African Dream  

Rainbow nation, colourful shades of persons
Rugby and Cricket, united without grievances
Beer and BBQ, Christmas on sunny beaches
Hiking up a mountain, picking wild lilies

Running around as a child, barefoot and carefree
That was my Africa, which I miss so badly
Where did I lose those loved-filled days?
Maybe it got swallowed by life and its ways

Load-sharing energy, needy dying homeless
High salaries, yet majorities remain penniless
Inflation out-rated interest, bread costs a farm
Freed Mandela, for he presented "no" harm

Freedom, yet life unsafe on your streets
Aids everywhere, nobody helping him that bleeds
Big fireball, mighty sun larger than anywhere
Regretfully, it does not shine everywhere

Poverty, starvation causing sickness and ill health
Replenish Africa, abundant in potential and wealth
Get the play together, un-become the understudy in an act
Take the example of Shaka, and do not ever look back

Dreaming my African dream, equality for all
Un-write unwritten laws that caused nations to downfall
Race is just an outer shell, unimportant when you fearfully tread
Black or Colored or White, amazingly, we all bleed in Red

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April 22, 2009
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Thought provoking
You have made me stop and think. Not an easy thing to do. The sadness in this poem both for the people of a nation but also yours for missing your nation is deep. Your choice of words drag emotion from a reader. So much detail together with the imagary is painful for this mear sour to read. 'Black or Colored or White, amazingly, we all bleed in Red' this says it all for me. We are one- we are people- NOT a people.
Bless you for this my talented friend.


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February 21, 2009
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wow factor
what a powerful piece of writting , and really touches the heart

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February 15, 2009
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From One came many and from many came One. You provide the full circle within your poem. Very nice work!! Hmm, it seems oppression in the South is transcontinental!! Terrific piece, Lilian! Peace Vai

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February 14, 2009
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All I can Say is
Beautiful, this was amazing and I totally agree with you, Plus I love Africa SO YEAH BUT AMAZING WORK I could capture your point very clearly keep up the amazing work.

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