A Poem by ccalin822

Author: ccalin822
Created: March 31, 2009 at 03:52 pm
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Raw Emotion  

I tried to write on raw emotion
I tried to confine untamed passion
To a sheet of paper and a golden pen
After almost fourteen tries
I took the time to realize
This wild beast won't be confined
In all the English language known
There are no words to use to own
Lust, love or aggression
Even those three do not encompass
My feelings for you in all their fullness
There's a mystery for you to undress
I tried to write about the fire
The thing that makes me so desire
To know deeper the man admired
I tried to write about the danger
These things I feel could not be stranger
So what is it that keeps me anchored
I even tried to write on freedom
All the restraints that you have undone
The strength I've gained now that you have come
All attempts were to no avail
And I can admit that I've failed
Even the great cannot unveil
The obscurity of the raw emotion conquering my heart

© ccalin822 - all rights reserved

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April 09, 2009
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this is great the phrasing and word-play is on point, i love the title it speaks volumes and the poem does it pure justice, this is really good your work is gettin better and better each time i log on, i guess what i like the best is the honesty of the words, everything seems to back each other up like the whole piece is workin together as a unit, i hope you don't really believe you have failed...

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April 04, 2009
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Wow really heartfelt... I liked this a lot... we can all relate to this..

when at times writing it down does not work after one try.. leave it parked for a few weeks.. then you will succeed in one go.. this was nicely done in the end

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April 04, 2009
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great job
i really like the words that you have used, this is a great bit of poetry about raw emotion, thank you for sharing you pain and vulnerability, those things cannot be faked this is true to life, and true to art this is really strong piece

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April 02, 2009
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Love It.....I can totally relate, I often have so much raw emotions in me that I don't know where to even begin to express it, so your poem really captured that feeling of being so in love that words can't even begin to express

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