A Poem by Peacelovr

Author: Peacelovr
Created: April 23, 2009 at 03:01 am
Upload Type: Poem, T (13+)  
Category: Love | Sad | Dark
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You Left Me

You left me
Haunted by my own shadows
Mottled hands and
Constricting bands
Squeezing the life of my heart
I wander so
Aimlessly through a void
Of perpetual darkness
But sometimes my glazed
And lifeless eyes
Spot a shimmering figure
But itís just a lonely ghost
My reflection in the mirror

You left me
To be tortured by
Every fear and mistake
We created
I kept your faults
Deep inside my locked chest
And released the truth of myself
That told them all the rest
And impaled by their mighty swords
I take all of our blame
Whilst you lie content in their good books
I am the statue of shame

You left me
With an illusion
Of love and promises and ties
I thought your words were
Letters of honesty
But thus all was a mask
Of crushing lies
And with my fairytale delusions
I believed what you said
Drunk hungrily every word
Yes I want to know
Tell me everything
Thatís exactly what I did

You left me
To ponder your menacing roar
Of your anger
Bend down with frightened eyes
And a hated heart
Begging for forgiveness
But your eyes are shielded
By the multitude of my mistake
Trusting your two faced words
Crossing an invisible line
That you never cared to show

You left me
Walking lonely through
These hopeless weeks
While you take everything
That I have ever dreamed
You left me
Holding to broken hearts
You left me
Hating me.

© Peacelovr - all rights reserved

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Comments & Reviews

April 23, 2009
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Great writing, an excellent use of repetition to make the message come over. A sense of desperation permeated this piece and the wonderful use of different aspects throughout made the poem exceptionally mature. I was hooked from line one and I felt the ending was perfect for such a piece. Well written!

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