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Time is money.

Money is God.

God is control.

Control is slavery.

Slavery is ignorance.

Ignorance is blinding.

Blinding is darkness.

Darkness is a shadow.

A shadow is a reflection.

A reflection is a mirror.

A mirror is an image.

An image is a picture.

A picture is a puzzle.

A puzzle is a question.

A question is an answer.

An answer is an opinion.

An opinion is a theory.

A theory is a debate.

A debate is an idea.

An idea is a thought.

A thought is a dream.

A dream is a reality.

A reality is an experience.

An experience is a present.

A present is a gift.

A gift is a surprise.

A surprise is an emotion.

An emotion is a sense.

A sense is a feeling.

A feeling is an expression.

An expression is a gesture.

A gesture is a notion.

A notion is a motion.

A motion is a movement.

A movement is a revolution.

A revolution is a circle.

A circle is a whole.

A whole is one.

~ Was is will be, and is is is. ~

© V_S_AKHENATEN - all rights reserved

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August 20, 2009
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Hey, cool. cool. cool. cool. cool.
This is so awesome and I like this a lot. yeah! yeah! yeah!
I'm so agitated.
keep them coming my friend.

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August 19, 2009
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Loved it
Brilliant piece. I would say more but I think that about covers it. D

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August 18, 2009
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toooooo gooood
wow!!! now that is a circle. Beautiful construction and concept. Again Wow!! that is a piece of writing this one will be circling in my head for a while. The flow from a pen masters what some take paragraphs to say if at all.. Hats off to you..clap,clap...Great read...Tony

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