Created: August 19, 2009 at 12:13 am
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Category: Spiritual | Supernatural | Thriller
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Mirror, mirror hangin' on the wall

Don't mean a goddamn thing at all!

Hoochies of Gucci, Armada, and Prada:

You're more slave and savage than Las Vegas, Nevada!

Yeah, it's infectious. I know it's your PRECIOUS!!! -

Pure, manure - style of the sewer enmesh us

In a curse within her purse, diasporic commerce;

An economic epidemic - antifloric hearse

Eclipsing eyelids, these red-lipped pirates,

Worshiping virus, teasin' sweatshop violence.

Deuteranomaly speaking, I'm a numismatic sporadic

Exodic, philanthropic, phantom phenom of havoc

Igniting neurons for a synthetic, superficial moron,

Exploding new clear fusion! I'll continue to pour on

The sodium chloride into that guise of wax,

Ammunission aside, I'm a reprise your syntax.

A through Z. Your one, two and three.

No more songs for Johnny Cash money

Cuz Cain is able, yes sirree!

Bloodstain his label from society,

Ordain through cable your democracy,

Mundane coup fable for banality

To combat an immortal personality.

You rape the souls of reality,

Encasing their brains in a pharmacy,

Erasing the names of a pedigree,

Debasing the fame of my ancestry,

Immunizing mutants for eternity,

Baboonizing pollutants to better me!

Have you lost your mind or simply your integrity?

Do you still have a spine contorted as can be?

Or the snout of a swine snortin' for free,

The essence of life from a tribe called WE?!

If this is so, then I have your attention.

I ain't John Doe. I'm the king of dissension!!!

Thought I'd let ya know before my ascension

To the pentagrammatic power of comprehension

That I have attained through mental retention,

Calibrated lifeblood, and stellar extension.

Enunciated strife flood spanned apprehension -

A torrential downpour of ice-cold ammunition,

Freezing your soul with divine intervention,

Unleashing my demons for humanity's fission...

There's a word for that and it's MANUMISSION!!!!!

© V_S_AKHENATEN - all rights reserved

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August 23, 2009
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WOAH, this is a hell of language. yeah, the word play is just awesome, the rhythm and phrasing is very good. Standing up for what is right and just humane and killing the gods who have been killing reality and truth. I enjoyed this a lot. Awesome.

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August 19, 2009
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Love the word play as usual. This one I like even more than most, teh phrasing is great as always but this one has more of a story that is well defined aside from the great word play. I enjoyed this a lot. D

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