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Author: ladyshar
Created: October 22, 2009 at 03:42 am
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Underneath this armor, a wounded heart
A soulless creation, no one wants
Blazing fury, forgotten life,
Tonight, will be, the same night.

Dressed in red, caught your eye
Donít dare stare, youíll get blind
Life is short, donít go around
I might pass by, this foggy night.

Up in the sky the moon is full
No one is around, but I hear you, fool.
Coming behind you, I whisper in tune,
Do you feel death? as it come to you?

I hear you screech, loud and clear,
My Sai, I pierced, down to your skin.
My Sai, I feel your down on your knees.
Go die tonight, while I creep my way out.

Here alone, lost in the dark
Here alone, same old site
My mother, where you lay Iíll always be beside.
The day you left, is the day I lost my heart.

I run fast this road to break even
As I grieve for her death
Your blood is coming to end
Till I bring you down, I wonít stop
Till I bring you down, my Sai, I canít stop.

I sneak out tonight, dressed the same,
Full is the moon, this time again,
Coming behind you, I whisper in tune,
Do you feel death? as I come to you?

Shar - October 22, 2009

© ladyshar - all rights reserved

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January 30, 2010
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Very alluring!
So powerful and revenge striken! Love the captive adventure in the suspense of the prowl almost like a predator on the hint, alluring! Great write!

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October 31, 2009
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no comment
you want the reality my lady there's no comment
extra mega work i love it girl
it's really more than nice something blow up the mind away
i love a lot of lines like :
Coming behind you, I whisper in tune,
Do you feel death? as it come to you?
Go die tonight, while I creep my way out.
The day you left, is the day I lost my heart.
i love you girl
would you give some of your tallents please just to write some works
thank you baby for sharing it
i'm sorry if i didn't comment before i had a lot of work and university studies ...
From : FatimaZahra ( burn to death )

Thank you girl.
I love you comment and it made me smile.
Haha.. You dont need some more talents you are full of it. I love your works too.
Yeah, focus on your studies I understand. I can wait.
Thank you.

 ladyshar replied on November 03, 2009

October 22, 2009
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This is a wonderful write. It is so filled with fantacy that I could see it as the words in a theme song for an action packed movie. You have a very vivid imagination. I think that Stephen King, who happens to be one of my all time favorite authors, would really enjoy this piece. This piece sounds like there may be a novel in there somewhere. Keep up the good work.

Hi Ben.
Actually Elektra has a movie, starred by Jennifer Garner. And Elektra is a marvel comic character. Go grab a copy of the film Im pretty sure youre gonna like it. And if you do love this one try reading "Underneath" and all other poems I've written in Fantasy / Mind Imagination Folder.
Thank you for the sweet comment,

 ladyshar replied on October 22, 2009

PS, my avatar is ELEKTRA.

 ladyshar replied on October 22, 2009

October 22, 2009
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Woo Hoo my friend. This is wonderful. Thank you for sharing. My all time favorite writing is the type that comes from very dark, emotional places. You have done a great job with this one.
Take care and good luck to you,

Thank you Timmie...
Sweet Timmie...

 ladyshar replied on October 22, 2009

October 22, 2009
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never seen the movie might have to check it out now,
this is a really really good write full of emotion,a picture painted with words, I could almost see her dressed in read.
clever stuff
Take Care

Yeah you got to my friend. Go get a copy.
My avatar is Elektra, that the red dress Im talking about.Isnt it/ I sexy?Lol..
By the way you might wanna check out my other Fantasy Literatury Write on folder Fantasy / Mind Creation such as Underneath. I know you'll gonna love it too.
Thanx for the kidn words,

 ladyshar replied on October 22, 2009

October 22, 2009
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so deep, emotions flow to this one, and i also a fan of elektra! i' have a dvd disc of the movie of it' its one of my collections, why don't try to write about dare devil too? it should be a nice tandem....ohh i' really love those night avengers...keept it up nice writings, great imagery lol! in silence_darkelegy

Hi darkelegy!!.
Thanks for the kind words.
Sure, Ill keep you posted when I do Dare devil.
really glad you like this.

 ladyshar replied on October 22, 2009

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