A Poem by Patty8743

Author: Patty8743
Created: November 05, 2009 at 08:45 am
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Category: Despair | General/Other | General/Other
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Take another pill
Fucking white pills
Little white lies.
And I swallow it
Like I do everything.
Letting it build
Trying to hide
Running scared.
Inner demons
Darker voices
Caressing my soul
Or ravishing it.
I'm at a loss
To understand
To comprehend
To swallow it all,
The wretched bile,
The hate, the fear.
Always fucking smile
Through the pain.
Swallow another lie
Another white pill,
Swallow it whole
As you beg for death.

© Patty8743 - all rights reserved

Author Notes

Pills are nothing more than band-aids. The cover the wound but don't cure the scar. Some people don't want band-aids. They want cures.

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Comments & Reviews

November 06, 2009
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This poem was amazing, not least because I can relate. I am at a low point right now and this totally helped. It's like a balm but I desperately need help to get through. Thank you.

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November 05, 2009
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thats amazing, I love your writing.
I love how you wrote it as short sentances, really dramatic.

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November 05, 2009
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Very interestign piece, with a lot more to say that it appears at first glance. Nice phrasing and the structure lends itself well to this idea, teh short stabby lines drive the drama home. The tenor and feel of this work as well. Nice work. D

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November 05, 2009
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It's really good when you compared swallow the white pills with despairation. It's a really interseting poem. It is free of spelling errors. Please... please... please, use appropriate words next time.

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