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Author: Dom1n1ck
Created: December 23, 2009 at 08:49 am
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Standing at the Gates  

Standing at the Gates

Iíve seen Heaven and trudged through Hell
Rode on angels wings and Satanís Bell
I have lived in peace and lived in sin
Hurt a stranger and loved a friend
I tried to do what I thought was right
But I never backed down from a fight
My heart was never pure, but still I tried my best
I guess now weíll see, if I have passed the test

I am not afraid
if they cast me out
I have witnessed hell,
And I know what itís about

I found my peace in the rising moon
Beholding sight of the blood red sky
The tears of joy fall within raging pools
Without me giving permission to cry
The clouds amass from thinning air
Four corners beyond any imagination
All Manís pride leading its destruction
Foretold of this since dawn of creation

I donít fear the reaper
Although I know pain
I have seen the demons
Here is where they reign

Standing at the Gates, two doors lead away
One is to salvation, and one the other way
Somewhere stands a bearded man
A list of names within his hand
There is nothing guaranteed
And I will neither beg nor plead

When they finally called my name
He pointed to the door from which Iíd came

The Alpha and Omega had come at last
To collect his due justice in splendor
The time to repent had ended in a flash
To his resolve your soul must surrender
The path is narrow but the gates are wide
And the gates at my back close behind
Unfortunately itís the gate to the other side
To the depths of hell where Iíll reside

What if religion was right and t'was man who lied?
I am left at the gates where my soul was denied

© Dom1n1ck - all rights reserved

Author Notes

Many thanks to the ridiculously talented DeeDee27 for this one. We hope that you enjoy.

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February 10, 2018
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Intensely inteligent
I love the rhythm and the flow of your word rhyme. As I read this I could almost hear music. There is a wonderful collaboration going on here in this writing. the visual effect that these words produce is mind blowing and chillingly beautiful. Although I am a follower of Christ, I do not consider myself your typical Christian. For instance, I do not subscribe to the idea that the good and righteous people are the only ones who are promised a heavenly afterlife. As a matter of fact I don't believe any one of us has a hope of heaven with the exception of the 144,000 humans who sit on the right hand of Jesus preparing to judge the resurrected and the living for either eternal life or permanent destruction.That's enough for the Bible lesson. It's time to tell you both how brilliant this work is. I keep reading and rereading this in order to find some flaw or imperfection that can be pointed out however, if there is one I am unable to see it. in fact, it is a rare opportunity when I am able to read something as beautiful and poignant as this work,I have only ever enjoyed has been the book of psalms from the bible. There is true talent and brilliance in the writing of this work. I am looking forward to future collaborations between you and DeeDee27.

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January 08, 2010
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Shades of the New Testament here, scattered throughout this piece. Indeed, the Last Judgment when all will be called and whosevers name is not found in the Book of Life, shall be cast down. This is a very powerful piece of writing, with very strong imagery to match. It flows wonderfully well. and struck home with this reader. Very well done on a great piece.

Yours in Darkness
Wayne Leon

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January 07, 2010
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Wow Dom...
While you do not believe the same as me, I am amazed at your open heart and ability to reconcile the possibility of it all. I am most touched by your Author's notes and coming from such talent I would have to say that I am blushing a bit. I think that it begs to be questioned without the forceful intrusion us christians are so known for. I so much respect your views and love that you chose me of all people for this one!!

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December 24, 2009
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Very powerful write from two exceptionally talented writers. This is definitely spotlight material.

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December 24, 2009
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Two talented people and a very well expressed piece of writing.
'The narrow path that leads to salvation'
The Alpha and Omega [first and last] had come at last'
Some much to think about with this one.
Keep up the good work.
A very interesting read.

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December 23, 2009
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Gosh this poem is absolutely amazing, it really captured me, and the darkness you expressed in you and deedee's words is so powerful. A wonderfully dark religious poem, the last two lines really end the poem well. What if religion is right and it was man who lied? Well, I guess we all will know eventaully. Great poem!!

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December 23, 2009
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wow this was brilliant and wise in so many ways.
i love the topic and how u people wrote it,. its breathtaking

What if religion was right and t'was man who lied?
I am left at the gates where my soul was denied

wow... bravo to both of u. such perfection

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December 23, 2009
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holy cow
Wow...this one's a knock out !
Transported me beyond the gates of hell,
really powerful and consuming,
i absolutely loved the ending, damn this whole piece rocks ! keep it up both of you !

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December 23, 2009
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Dom1n1ck and DeeDee27: Great job. Certainly gives one food for thought...a little scary, too...gave me goosebumps...especially the last two lines. Bravo!

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