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Author: KobbyKraven
Created: March 28, 2010 at 10:15 pm
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Ladyhawk and Sirwolf  

In the midst of the calamity I had undoubtedly caused
A brooding rogue knight emerged from the fog
I cowered in the shadows of his mystic grace
And peeked through my fingers as he destroyed the place

Navarre, he introduced with a placid face

The uncertainty of his intentions gave me a chill
Until he revealed that he required my skill
The skill of a petty thief, imagine that
A knight’s sidekick bloomed from a lowly street rat

Navarre wasn’t much for chat

Though there was something more to the adventure and danger
There was something much deeper that fueled this man’s anger
His love and concern for his pet while cute, however
I knew there was much more to that hawk than mere beak and feather

Then there was her

The woman that took his place at night when he vanished
A feminine beauty I would have liked to ravish
But a beast shadowed this angel from above
A lonely black wolf that she had no fear of

It wasn’t long before I learned a tale of true love

The Bishop's jealousy sent him deep into his layers
There he cursed these two lovers with demonic prayers
Now the knight’s a wolf by night and she a hawk by day
Only one thing will set them free and dissolve this perpetual fray

The eclipse may

But unless they stand in human form before the bishop and his wicked heart
This day will pass and they will remain together, but forever apart.

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Author Notes

This simple piece is my small tribute to “LadyHawke” the movie, screen written by Edward Khmara. For those who have not seen it, it’s a beautiful fantasy of two lovers cursed to be “always together, but eternally apart”. I’m not big on poems but I thought it would be a cool way to interact with one of my favorite childhood stories. Thank you for your imagination Ed!

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Comments & Reviews ( X 2)

April 18, 2010
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Watched it
Made a profound impact on me way back in the day (ahem) and like that you stayed true to it. A good write, Yours Kassie

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March 29, 2010
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that was one of my most favorite movies , ruguer howser is one of my favorite acctorand matt, brogrick did a fab. job , the poem was just like it , good write loved it

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March 29, 2010
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Very good peice
I like stories within poems.
You should read my poem, The Curse of the Faceless Woman, in my dark poetry and stories.
It is a ghost story in a poem.

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