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When asked what frightens me most | I struggle not to scream out "everything". | How does one describe | the feeling of being buried alive, | while they're still awake and brea...
» A Personal Poem By augustrush  |  Posted on 3/23/2017  |  3 Views with 0 comments
Heaven or Hell
Heaven or Hell | I was wondering, when it's time to go, who makes that last decision? | Will it b...
» A Humor Poem By matelotrod  |  Posted on 3/23/2017  |  0 Views with 0 comments
Distant Footsteps
In my memoir kind of reflection, Ive learned that sometimes our most immediate lessons reach back the furthest ...
» A General/Other Poem By odinroark  |  Posted on 3/22/2017  |  8 Views with 1 comments
Considering the Crafty Crayfish
By many aliases they're known: | Crawfish, crawdads, mudbugs, yabbies. | They abound in brooks, and streams, and swamps, | As well as roadside ditches, and rice paddies. | | Their...
» A General/Other Poem By JimSlaughter  |  Posted on 3/22/2017  |  7 Views with 0 comments
" . . . poetry is the spontaneous overflow of powerful feelings: it takes its origin from emotion recollected in tranquility." Lyrical Ballade's , Pr...
» A Diary Entry Poem By Constance_  |  Posted on 3/22/2017  |  14 Views with 1 comments
To All The Strangers
A poem about the strangers we meet who become friends even if only for a short time...
» A Love Poem By michaelgallatin  |  Posted on 3/22/2017  |  13 Views with 1 comments
Why me
I have once never thought that my life could be so boring. It's the same day by day thing with me, so, therefore, it could be that I'm just tired of the mundane way that t...
» A Free Verse Poem By raidonce  |  Posted on 3/22/2017  |  11 Views with 1 comments
The bowl of feathers
Once upon a time there was a traveler from the lands below. Lived in a cottage in the mountains all alone. The only company he had were the animals and the trees. Though company...
» A Free Verse Poem By tarantulla81  |  Posted on 3/22/2017  |  14 Views with 1 comments
Once merely snapshots for black and white remembrance Today, color or video from a smart phone for forgetful yesterdays Image by albumpoco ...
» A General/Other Poem By odinroark  |  Posted on 3/21/2017  |  9 Views with 0 comments
Memories, In The Silent Dust
I walked up the dark, creaky attic stairs and opened the door, this is where I used to play, and even slept so long, long, ago. Everything was covered with dust, parchment gray, ...
» A Sad Poem By Constance_  |  Posted on 3/21/2017  |  24 Views with 3 comments
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