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Woody Thompsons Dark Day
It was early morning, like any other for Woody Thompson, up at 7:00 and looking forward to his day. He always rose before his wife; his quiet time for a shower and having his first...
» A Fiction Short Story By ArthurVaso  |  Posted on 3/26/2017  |  2 Views with 0 comments
I believe conspiracy theorists are right | We are being utterly lied to by the masses | By our government and education system | One of the most scientifically erroneous facts | We...
» A General/Other Prose By seriouspoet  |  Posted on 3/26/2017  |  6 Views with 1 comments
Catching the Bus
he thought hard about her | every day | today he caught a city bus | paid the driver | told him he wanted | two transfers | before realized | he was by himself ©March 29, 2...
» A Personal Poem By RamSlade  |  Posted on 3/26/2017  |  6 Views with 1 comments
I Will Prevail
A poem about prevailing despite whatever the world throws at you...
» A Inspirational Poem By michaelgallatin  |  Posted on 3/26/2017  |  7 Views with 0 comments
(Crumpled Paper/ The Scent of a Picture)
(Crumpled Paper/ | The Scent of a Picture)   Don’t… you… know? Your perfume is the wind, So magnetic, pure white snow. You move so slowly, Seductive is the night, Your eyes ...
» A Romance Poem By PoetGLG123  |  Posted on 3/26/2017  |  9 Views with 1 comments
Drive with care
                                                      Drive with Care. | I've reached a conclusion if I want to stay alive |  I am going to have to discontinue to drive | What was ...
» A Humor Poem By matelotrod  |  Posted on 3/26/2017  |  14 Views with 3 comments
Your love was like free verse
Like a free-flowing river, you had no limits. | Cold hearted and stoic is what you were on the outside. | To those who didn't know, | That, you put up the facade | To protect your...
» A Free Verse Poem By raidonce  |  Posted on 3/26/2017  |  6 Views with 1 comments
First Love
So If this is hurt | Then this is | What heartbreak feels like | | First Love | I don't despise you | I don't even | Wish you the worst | I don't stay up late | Moping around | ...
» A Love Poem By almostpoetry1  |  Posted on 3/25/2017  |  8 Views with 2 comments
Geographical Entomophagy
The cooks in the Japanese navy | Make a dish of aquatic fly larvae. | Too small to filet them, | They just lightly sauté them | In well-sugared soy sauce as gravy. | | That Venezu...
» A General/Other Limerick By JimSlaughter  |  Posted on 3/25/2017  |  6 Views with 1 comments
I miss my Daddy so
Julie was wearing her new frock today, | With a pretty broach to complete her display. | She had brushed her shoes; put a bow in her hair, | Smiling as if she did not have a care...
» A General/Other Poem By terrygodwin  |  Posted on 3/25/2017  |  11 Views with 0 comments
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