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Do I adore you | Simply because you're wonderful, | Or do you seem wonderful | Because I adore you? | | Does my heart beat | Simply each time I think of you, | Or do I think of yo...
» A General/Other Poem By JimSlaughter  |  Posted on 5/28/2017  |  16 Views with 1 comments
Zip Bag Memorial (redux 1)
Its difficult to imagine the suffering soldiers feel losing their buddies ...
» A General/Other Poem By odinroark  |  Posted on 5/28/2017  |  3 Views with 0 comments
When I Found I Had a Sister!
My Dad didn't know | when he and Mum wed, | that he had fathered | a daughter, | as the woman  | concerned | never ever | said. | | So when I was born, | the family all believed |...
» A Biographical Poem By MySongStar  |  Posted on 5/28/2017  |  8 Views with 0 comments
Repainting the Heart
He slung his backpack onto the floor and settled into one of the chairs. The unfortunate green colour, which once may have passed for mint or pastel lime was now a mottled, crackin...
» A Romance Short Story By Archia  |  Posted on 5/28/2017  |  10 Views with 1 comments
The World; Hope’s Archetype
The irony of how hope is displayed in creations futility...
» A Spiritual Poem By SketerMichaels  |  Posted on 5/28/2017  |  14 Views with 1 comments
Sepsis flies in air, | falls in mouth, | rises in lungs. | Addles the brain, the heart, | Tainted oxygen, nitrogen | By CO2 uncapped. | | Guide rails break, | train tracks...
» A General/Other Poem By DWilkin  |  Posted on 5/28/2017  |  20 Views with 2 comments
Ray Of Light
Everyone's drowning in sorrow | Everyone's falling down mountains | Where is the hope for tomorrow | The promise of change in the fountains | | What are ideas without effort | A t...
» A General/Other Poem By Silverblue  |  Posted on 5/27/2017  |  13 Views with 0 comments
Everywhere You Are
If you didn't fly away, I never would have known | The places where the stars collide, and all the birds have flown | If you didn't take a place, inside my dreams at night | I woul...
» A General/Other Poem By Silverblue  |  Posted on 5/27/2017  |  24 Views with 1 comments
Perfect Fit
The sane have gone mad, and the mad went insane | Yet not quite as mad as you'd think | A hoax and a bluff, the whole world sits up | As they process the news in a blink | | Don't...
» A Current Events Poem By Silverblue  |  Posted on 5/27/2017  |  8 Views with 0 comments
After I'm Gone
You know After I'm Gone | It would be a curse to say | That you Promise to visit me | On Every birthday | You see I'm not there Now | I wasn't there from the start | You want...
» A Death Poem By feelnpoetic  |  Posted on 5/27/2017  |  20 Views with 2 comments
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