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A paintbrush stopping short | From the clean and empty white | Dipped in many colours | But it doesn't feel quite right | | A fountain pen - its lid off | Silver, sleek, and new |...
» A Writing Poem By Silverblue  |  Posted on 4/1/2017  |  55 Views with 1 comments
Rubber Muse
Bouncing words...
» A Writing Poem By SketerMichaels  |  Posted on 3/28/2017  |  58 Views with 2 comments
Top Of The Tree (That's Tricky)
Don't we all want to be better? | To sit at the top of the tree | We can only exist in our own limitations | No-one is perfect you see | | Learning is part of the process | We can...
» A Writing Poem By Silverblue  |  Posted on 2/27/2017  |  70 Views with 1 comments
Some Unforgotten Dream
A cave of crystals | A land of colour | A reverie | Unlike another | | A giant dome | With rainbow snow | With opened eyes | I feel the flow | | The visions dwell | Each passing ...
» A Writing Poem By Silverblue  |  Posted on 2/24/2017  |  48 Views with 2 comments
Rock of Words
Honest injun I try not to write...
» A Writing Poem By Abra  |  Posted on 2/2/2017  |  46 Views with 1 comments
Grandma's Ghost
Only the kindest words...
» A Writing Poem By Abracadabra  |  Posted on 11/2/2016  |  92 Views with 0 comments
A Wordsmith's Odyssey
Why do I write Another poet on the site asked me recently How do you go about composing these pieces I mean, it must take a long time of careful thought and planning, hit and miss,...
» A Writing Poem By odinroark  |  Posted on 10/26/2016  |  153 Views with 2 comments
Defending My Poetry 
Would The Defendant Please Take The Stand. | | Q. Do You Swear | A. Yes, frequently | | Q. How would you describe your passion for writing ? | A. All consuming, it engenders m...
» A Writing Poem By DavyE  |  Posted on 10/3/2016  |  99 Views with 3 comments
Quiet Resonance
Awakening before first light with ones fingers already moving, as if upon a laptops keyboard, is unsettling at times Image by Logan Zilmer...
» A Writing Poem By odinroark  |  Posted on 9/4/2016  |  129 Views with 1 comments
Sins Atoned
You are backwards if you lived where the “devil lived.” | Eternity in grains of sand, please God forgive. | For I know not what I commit, nor stand trial | For each sin that binds ...
» A Writing Poem By pnknucklez  |  Posted on 6/25/2016  |  223 Views with 3 comments
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