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Could be an early Farewell
Could be an early farewell | They say that patience is a virtue, I'm afraid I'm running out of time | For a couple of years I've enjoye...
» A Friendship Poem By matelotrod  |  Posted on 3/19/2017  |  66 Views with 4 comments
Life in Samac
I often think about the kids we were when we were ten - | what I would give to live those summers all over again. | Making paper planes and pretending we could fly them then | we...
» A Friendship Poem By augustrush  |  Posted on 3/17/2017  |  57 Views with 3 comments
Hello, Farewell
I dreamt of you the other night. | We met, | you still the boy you were when you left this life | and I, the adult you never knew. | We spoke in quiet tongues | as if afraid t...
» A Friendship Poem By augustrush  |  Posted on 3/15/2017  |  72 Views with 6 comments
There are people who are | the bane of your existence | If you keep them in your life | They will chain you down | But true friends will lift you | Like Pegasus | Beyond the clouds...
» A Friendship Poem By seriouspoet  |  Posted on 2/22/2017  |  63 Views with 3 comments
Precious | by: Rob Paquin | | Follow the road, It leads somewhere. | Follow your pathways | Even when they're not clear | Follow your heart | And you'll always be near | Th...
» A Friendship Poem By TheSnowdog  |  Posted on 12/11/2016  |  99 Views with 2 comments
Not On My Watch (For Jeff)
A poem about helping out a friend...
» A Friendship Poem By michaelgallatin  |  Posted on 12/5/2016  |  116 Views with 1 comments
El Jefe (For Jeff)
A poem of fun and humor for a very good friend...
» A Friendship Poem By michaelgallatin  |  Posted on 10/31/2016  |  125 Views with 2 comments
Growing Up Alone (1 of 2)
Some nostalgia instead of getting relegated to the forgetful attic gets a dusting off to relive some coming of age the slam way Image by Pinterest...
» A Friendship Poem By odinroark  |  Posted on 10/29/2016  |  133 Views with 1 comments
Running Silent
(Running Silent) | | I stand shy/ frozen/ | with your/ | Eyes! | Dark Brown eyes. | / wavy silky long/ | Night Sky hair. | | A warm smile/ | Glowing | Like, a moons reflection/ |...
» A Friendship Poem By PoetGLG123  |  Posted on 10/21/2016  |  112 Views with 1 comments
Until We Meet Again
I think I can remember | that its been forever | since we've talked, | | and now here we are here | in the present moment | picking up the pieces | to where we've left off. | | I...
» A Friendship Poem By blossomwriter  |  Posted on 10/19/2016  |  159 Views with 6 comments
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