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Creation and Re-creation
Into the dark, measureless  | deep, did the Divine | give voice to the Logos. | | | From within the ocean | of obscurity, fathomless, | came forth illumination; | like a consciou...
» A Mythology Poem By ALEXJLOCKWOOD  |  Posted on 12/23/2016  |  176 Views with 5 comments
The Revelation and The Light
The Revelation: | | He prowls within the shadows of the dark, | An enemy, malevolent and great… | Foreshadowing a presence, vile and stark, | With chaos, his intention, to create....
» A Mythology Sonnet By spokenhues  |  Posted on 6/8/2016  |  165 Views with 2 comments
Psalms of Thanatos
    Life is a precarious thing, one in which only belongs to those with something to offer. I tell myself this as I enter a pregnant woman's nightmare. Her name is Danielle; a coke...
» A Mythology Short Story By Enola  |  Posted on 5/18/2016  |  285 Views with 0 comments
Mealstrom (Quatern)
Poseidon revels midst his glee. | He rules the sea so bloodthirsty. | The sailors cower neath his spume, | In turgid fear of awful doom. | | As shattered ships eclipse the sea, | ...
» A Mythology Poem By Anguish  |  Posted on 3/2/2016  |  260 Views with 4 comments
The Flight of the Phoenix (The Cycle of Life)
| Here is a bird from Araby, | feathers as iridescent | as they are incandescent. | Yet there is only | ever one. So alone | it will enjoy | its sense of freedom | for a millenn...
» A Mythology Poem By ALEXJLOCKWOOD  |  Posted on 1/27/2016  |  226 Views with 3 comments
Sonnet- Demeter
| | I feel you again, with your loudest sighs-- | Over the sleeping sun where light beset | By gales of olden days and lullabies- | Of you, and ‘neath the canopies, there’s death...
» A Mythology Sonnet By darkelegy  |  Posted on 11/22/2015  |  245 Views with 1 comments
The Tweedle Titans (Fathers of Creation)
See,Tweedle-dee shook you and me | Right out a cosmic almond tree. Stomping around on fertile ground | Bore nutshell-cracking, hatching sounds.* A Tweedle - his chaotic clu...
» A Mythology Poem By theadroitpharoah  |  Posted on 8/6/2015  |  299 Views with 1 comments
King Arthur's Order of The Round Table
King Arthur is most famous for the Order of the Round Table. But how and why did that come about? Well...having read the tales, I have a few ideas.... | | 1) When he became king ...
» A Mythology Other Type By JustinCase  |  Posted on 4/8/2015  |  254 Views with 1 comments
Stealing Her Prince
Fourteen long stormy years ago, | Was a dark and gloomy night, | A spidery women as far as we know, | Was looking threw every house's window, | She walked ever so delicately over t...
» A Mythology Poem By KillianTheKitten  |  Posted on 3/17/2015  |  273 Views with 1 comments
A mythological poem...
» A Mythology Poem By valkyrx  |  Posted on 3/14/2015  |  246 Views with 1 comments
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