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The bubble bursts and reality is revealed...
» A Romance Prose By kitty  |  Posted on 4/30/2017  |  11 Views with 1 comments
Short but sweet
I love you as the day is long | With you i know where i belong . | So tender as the sparow | So kindred to shan the sorrow | No sacrafice too great  | No time too long for to wait....
» A Romance Poem By Aljosa  |  Posted on 4/27/2017  |  14 Views with 2 comments
The Slow Dance
(The Slow Dance) | | | The night sky is on fire. | Eyes lock in the glowing darkness of the moon, | Open your mind to the hypnotizing stars | Your lover in a white dress | Wa...
» A Romance Poem By PoetGLG123  |  Posted on 4/23/2017  |  39 Views with 1 comments
First time
The door shuts behind us, as you put me down, so the soul of my feet feels the white rose patels on the ground. the bed in the center of the room, let I be the center of attention,...
» A Romance Poem By PeaceNyumbaiza  |  Posted on 4/22/2017  |  17 Views with 1 comments
                                WHEN LOVE DECIDES    | | | When love decides to walk out the door | it takes with it all hopes and dreams ~ even more! | | Sane and sober means t...
» A Romance Prose By kitty  |  Posted on 4/19/2017  |  50 Views with 1 comments
Oh yeah, Oh no- China(Tar) part 3 of 3
Her battle always takes it's toll | Running from this greedy and lost society- listening as they sing, it's your final call | This girls love is wicked- Oh, all her street laws | O...
» A Romance Poem By HungGarKid  |  Posted on 4/15/2017  |  41 Views with 0 comments
Oh yeah, Oh no- China(Tar) part 2 of 3
Oh yeah, she has my heart and soul | Here she comes, her I lay | So I try to find my ancient forgotten mask- just to fade away | My love, the dark princess- Oh no, the neon city wa...
» A Romance Poem By HungGarKid  |  Posted on 4/15/2017  |  29 Views with 0 comments
Oh yeah, Oh no- China(Tar) Part 1 of 3
I got a problem, can you relate | I'm in love with China(Tar), it's a love-hate | Her eyes in disguise- Ignoring all the cries | Oh her sweet, sweet, taste | Oh yeah, Oh no, China'...
» A Romance Poem By HungGarKid  |  Posted on 4/15/2017  |  37 Views with 0 comments
A haunting love
I | A haunting love.   I can feel you around me, but no one is there. I can feel your presence for it’s in the air. How we speak when we are so far apart? Yet I know you are...
» A Romance Poem By terrygodwin  |  Posted on 4/3/2017  |  76 Views with 3 comments
Goodbye my love, goodbye
Keep smiling...
» A Romance Poem By terrygodwin  |  Posted on 4/1/2017  |  34 Views with 1 comments
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