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The Ledge
A poem about suicide, God and the sorry state of our world...
» A Suicide Poem By michaelgallatin  |  Posted on 3/23/2017  |  100 Views with 2 comments
No title
Well here i am again, back at it with a pen | been 3 years much too long, not long enough for me to forget this song | this song i have, just stuck in my head, repeating the words ...
» A Suicide Poem By rezothegreat  |  Posted on 7/5/2016  |  202 Views with 2 comments
Beauty From Pain
The voices keep echoing in my head. | | I keep screaming for them to stop. | | They don't | | They keep repeating how much of a disappointment I am and how worthless I am. | ...
» A Suicide Poem By Marley831  |  Posted on 4/22/2016  |  172 Views with 3 comments
The Fall
Depression is a real thing that is often times ignored as attention This poem is about feeling hopeless and thinking suicide is the only way out Its a sad reality some people have...
» A Suicide Poem By RachelMurray  |  Posted on 3/9/2016  |  276 Views with 4 comments
Awaiting Trains
As violently nights do pass trapped in my temptation, The train is coming, the train is coming, it carries my salvation. What has been ripped and torn away, I'm faulted so I pond...
» A Suicide Poem By superboyleolopez  |  Posted on 1/19/2016  |  244 Views with 2 comments
I felt like everything was my fault. | | I was sad and depressed. | | I didn't know what to do. | | I did all of the things I normally did when I felt this way. | | Nothing...
» A Suicide Poem By Marley831  |  Posted on 12/6/2015  |  160 Views with 3 comments
Died and Survived
Lately I have seen too many people coming out of the grave situations of their lives into the light Hence this is for those who are looking for answers but are frustrated as they a...
» A Suicide Poem By myrajourns  |  Posted on 11/6/2015  |  220 Views with 3 comments
The Truth About Suicide: Part 2
When you commit suicide, | I don't know what happens to you. | I don't know if you find the relief you were searching for | or the escape or a sense of clemency... | all I really k...
» A Suicide Poem By augustrush  |  Posted on 10/14/2015  |  391 Views with 4 comments
Please Don't Die!
" Please don't die " is the saddest sentence anyone has ever told me....
» A Suicide Quotes By carmen-levine  |  Posted on 7/13/2015  |  267 Views with 3 comments
3 years today A familiar throbbing in my veins Of old habits and urges Long thought deceased Cool, numb and emotionless My mind is screaming in pain With old memories, gui...
» A Suicide Poem By kenzie1996lr00  |  Posted on 2/4/2015  |  231 Views with 1 comments
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